Education & Training

3iSIM develops and builds professional simulators used for education and training in different segments. Our goal is to achieve an effective learning curve with the help of virtual reality.

Depending on the desired application it is possible for 3iSIM to manufacture both static and motion based systems. Force feedback from the steering wheel and pedals, the use of vehicle cabins and state of the art graphics all contribute to a realistic experience.

With the software developed by 3iSIM it is now possible to drive in a virtual world with autonomous traffic, user-oriented environments and interactive scenario’s.
Lastly, 3iSIM develops and innovates in the field of image projection. Besides the more traditional solutions, such as beamers and monitors, we are now able to offer head mounted displays.

3iSIM creates a total solution by integrating hardware and software components. It is our belief that a custom made simulator provides the best fit to your needs.

Discover new education and training opportunities

Agricultural training

In The Netherlands everyone who drives a tractor (at 16 years and older) is obligated to have a tractor driver’s license since July 2015. To provide a safe and durable way of educating students we have developed an innovative solution.

In collaboration with OEM New Holland and agricultural educational center Terra 3iSIM developed T-SIM. With this simulator students are now able to take simulated driving lessons independently. The Virtual Instructor gets students ready for their exams on an individual level. In addition, T-SIM provides numerous possibilities for simulating other agricultural applications such as spraying, plowing or a sowing.

Innovative teaching methods for emergency vehicles

Practicing in emergency vehicles on the public roads is risky and increases the likelihood of accidents. Especially when high speed practice is required, despite the use of optical and acoustic signals.

3iSIM offers a teaching method in which students can become familiar with an emergency vehicles through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).With the help of custom made simulators professionals are prepared for the public road. To do this realistically, all factors that may cause stress and distraction are be implemented in the simulation where possible.

A new experience for Transport and Logistics

The landscape of Transport and Logistics is changing rapidly. An increasing demand of shorter delivery times requires a greater focus on automatization and efficiency.

By using simulation as a training tool employees active in this sector will be able to familiarize themselves quickly with new processes and systems in a risk free environment. Whether the goal is to train driving a truck or manning a forklift truck, 3iSIM offers the possibility to practice in a user-oriented environment.