GPSim develops and builds professional simulators for entertainment purposes. Customers keep coming back to drive these simulators again because of the level of realism and pure adrenaline kick.

The use of these entertainment systems may vary from being an eye-catcher during exhibitions or the main attraction in your entertainment centers. The simulators manufactured by GPSim can be linked for group racing, but can also be used for solo racing. The computer opponents are adjustable in skill and difficulty. Together with its partners GPSim maintains an extremely high standard by using the latest technologies and material innovations.

Discover new education and training opportunities

Battle for pole position

Race against the clock, against computerized or real opponents. All is possible with the Formula 1 simulators manufactured by GPSim. Get into a lifelike replica and have the ultimate racing experience.

Drifting through the corners

GPSim developed the Rally Racing Simulator in collaboration with Bosch Rexroth. This unique concept combines a motion system and a head mounted display with the best graphics available.

Bavaria City Racing

With GPSim’s Formula 1 simulator we have had the opportunity to give some demonstration during the Bavaria City Racing event in Rotterdam. During this fantastic event we received amazing feedback from our users.